A tool that we like to use for training is the jump rope. It is a low cost, portable and highly effective piece of equipment. We recommand using a good speed rope like the SKLZ Speed Rope. Plus, if you are going to be away from your local training facility for a period of time, the rope is easy to pack and bring along.

Jumping rope is easy to add to any workout. It can even be used between sets of a strength training exercise to keep the heart rate at a certain level. In a recent study, this has been shown to improve muscle recovery.

If you think jumping rope is just for kids on the playground, I challenge you to try this workout. We use our 3D jump rope sequence for beginning hockey players. As with any exercise make sure your physician has cleared you for vigorous activity.

Perform each of these drills for 15 seconds, getting as many jumps in as you can.

  1. 2 foot normal jump
  2. 2 foot side-to-side jump
  3. 2 foot twisting left to right
  4. Rest for 45 seconds
  5. 1 foot alternate skipping
  6. 1 foot high knees alternate skipping
  7. 1 foot skater hop alternate skipping
  8. Rest for 45 seconds
  9. Repeat steps 1-8, one more time

I guarantee this 3D jump rope sequence will get your heart rate up! You will also experience the added benefit of working on your foot speed and coordination. You won't get this kind of workout sitting on a stationary bike!

SKLZ Speed Rope

SKLZ Speed Rope

With its steel rod and ball bearing system for smoother rotation, this high performance jump rope adds intensity to training and builds endurance. A coated low-kink, customizable-length cord and right angle mount enables proper wrist and arm positioning.

SKLZ Speed Rope