Skating Tips

Everything you need to fly past your opponents while under control. Guidelines that will help you become the ultimate ice skater!

Warning! Reading tips from this category could have your competition nicknaming you “The Blur” or “WHERE THE H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS DID HE GO?”. It’s the boost you need to get your legs moving to a level that the competition won’t see coming. Decisive guidelines to turn you into the ultimate skater, these articles and videos will give you everything you need to FLY PAST YOUR OPPONENTS while under control. Quickness and agility are two of the most important aspects of being a hockey player because of the start and stop style of play. You need to get the most out of your training. These guidelines will give you exactly what you need to take off down the ice at a level that will IMPRESS EVERYONE from your coach to your teammates. You may notice a bigger crowd at your next game when they catch wind that you’ve been working hard on your skating.

  • The slapshot is a tricky shot to master, before you learn how to take a slapshot while skating I would recommend learning how to take a slapshot while standing still. A lot of people when they are first learning develop some bad habits, so it is important to learn the proper technique. Another important aspect is using your ENTIRE body to get power, not just the arms. For more on that read our article on how to take a slapshot and the follow up articles at the bottom with more info.

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  • A common problem that many new hockey players have is learning how to stop. I don't mean stopping by dragging your foot, doing a 360 or running into the boards, I mean doing a proper hockey stop! I have written this article to help you learn how to stop in hockey, I have also made a how to stop in hockey video that I have added below. You can watch the video if you prefer a visual lesson, I will include key points below the video.

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  • To be a great hockey player you first have to learn to be a great skater, this article will give you the building blocks necessary to become an amazing skater.

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  • Increasing hockey speed is a never-ending pursuit for most hockey players...or at least it should be!!

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  • Power skating is very important if you want to build your strength, acceleration and technique. If you are serious about playing hockey then you should implement many power skating drills into your practice.

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  • Here are a few Hockeyshot Tips to improve your skating skills so you can gain explosive speed!

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