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Dangle Puck 2.0

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The Dangle Puck 2.0 will glide, slide and ride any hard, flat surface. Enjoy a realistic on-ice training experience, off the ice. This puck is a game changer and allows any hockey player to gain the confidence to dangle around any opponent! Unlike the original Dangle Puck, this version is improved with a rubber core, so go ahead and stickhandle, pass or even shoot it! The Dangle Puck 2.0 goes toe-to-toe drag with any other dryland puck you've ever tried! A stainless steel ball bearing is found on both sides, so when the puck flips over you don't lose that slick, smooth glide.


Improves Shooting
Improves Stickhandling
Improves Passing

Product Features

  • Exactly the same size and weight as a traditional ice hockey puck.
  • Plastic gliding surface designed to minimize friction.
  • Stainless steel ball bearing located on both sides.
  • Not recommended for use on asphalt or pavement.
  • Ideal for training on All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles & Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles or shooting pads.
  • NOTE: Shooting speed limit of 50 mph (90 kph).

Additional Details

Product Spotlight

Gain the confidence of your dangles with the Dangle Puck 2.0. This puck is a game changer that allows any hockey player to mimic an ice-like sensation while practicing their stickhandling skills off-ice.

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