Training Kits

Train like the pros from anywhere



Get the home advantage with HockeyShot’s Hockey Training Kits. We offer a variety of different hockey training equipment kits in the US to make ice time, any time. Why wait to get on-ice time when you can bring the ice home and practice your shots at your own convenience?

Don’t waste time packing up your hockey bag and dragging it to your local rink. With our training kits, you can skate, shoot, stickhandle, and pass without leaving your home.

Our packages are available across the US and make it possible to train like the pros, even with limited access to an ice rink. Professional players, schools, and associations utilize our kits to maximize their time off the ice and prepare for their next game.

Practice your sniping, dangles, trick shots, and more with our wide variety of kits:

Home Skating Zones Dangle Training Systems
Home Training Centers


Skip the trip to your local arena and get an at-home advantage with HockeyShot’s Home Skating Zones. Our Home Skating Zones are customizable with different flooring options and premium training aids so you can practice your hockey skills at your convenience.


Build a practice rink at home with a HockeyShot Home Training Center. Our home training center packages combine all popular hockey training aids so you can create a custom hockey rink in your home.

Why compete for ice time at your local rink when you can practice at home? Our home ice skating zones make passing, shooting, stickhandling, and skating off-ice a convenient reality.


HockeyShot’s revolutionary Dangle Training System combines the Reactive Sniper device with a stickhandling floor set up to create the ultimate training ground for anyone looking to improve their dangling or stickhandling abilities. The system is ideal for those looking to develop soft hands to dangle around the competition.