HockeyShot’s Passing Products will have you playing like your idols. Take your all-around hockey game to another level with our dynamic training aids for passing.

We carry hockey passing training aids in the US for players of all positions and skill levels. Feed yourself one-timers with our Passing Kits, pass and receive pucks more fluidly and accurately with our Passers, or sauce like a boss with our Hockey Sauce Kits.


Pass effectively and set up your teammates to score that goal when you train with our hockey passing aids. HockeyShot offers a wide variety of products for hockey passers in the US to help you train and prepare for team-playing on the ice.

Our training aids can help you nail that pass back so that you can be that team player you’ve always wanted on your team. Become a pass-master with a combination of our passing products:

Hockey Passers Passing Kits
Sauce Kits Passing Accessories

Hockey Passers

Maximize your practice time and passing drills with HockeyShot’s Passers. Our state-of-the-art hockey passers will help you develop and hone in on your passing skills so that you can set up your teammates for goals every time. Become the best hockey passer with our passing aids; your teammates with thank you!

Hockey Sauce Kits

Saucer passing has become essential to every hockey player’s game. HockeyShot offers hockey sauce kits to help players at different skill levels elevate their sauce passing skills. Sauce like a boss with our sauce kits whether you are enjoying some friendly competition at a barbeque or training for on-ice competition.

Hockey Passing Kits

HockeyShot’s Passing Kits help you develop passing skills so that your passes can lead to teammates’ goals. Our kits include both Shooting Pads and Rebounders so that the puck can bounce back to you easily. Train with our hockey passing kits to develop quick wrists and hands so that you can set your teammate up to make that winning shot.