Premium Home Training Center - HS Tiles Allstar★Edition

Home Training Center Super Skills Package 1
Home Training Center Super Skills Package 1 Dryland Flooring Tiles - Allstar Edition Extreme Passer Pro extreme defender speed deke trainer Dryland Puck Green Biscuit Stickhandling Ball home training center logo Home Training Center Super Skills Package 1 Home Training Center Super Skills Package 2 HTC - 36 Tiles HTC - 64 Tiles

Premium Home Training Center - HS Tiles Allstar★Edition


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Can't get enough practice time in at the rink? Bring it home with this premium stickhandling, shooting and passing training zone you can easily build either in or outdoors. It recreates the slickness of the ice and gives you the room to work on all skills with HockeyShot’s premium lineup of products.

  • 4 Sizes Available: 27 sq. ft. / 45 sq. ft. / 81 sq. ft. / 144 sq. ft. (1) HockeyShot Extreme Passer Clamp-on Pro 30", (1) HS Speed Deke Trainer: (3) 16” Shafts, (1) Extreme Defender, (2) Puck Stopper Edges, (2) Smooth Edges, (1) Green Biscuit, (2) Extreme Dryland Pucks and (1) Extreme Stickhandling Ball.
  • Recreates the slick, smooth feel of the ice.
  • Perfect for a garage or driveway as the tiles are strong enough for cars to park on.
  • Order additional tiles to expand your training square footage.
  • Enhance your playing experience and keep the puck in bounds by ordering more Puck Stopper Edges!
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Testimonials by the Pros


"I have always been a big fan of shooting pucks during the summer. HockeyShot products took it to another level. Now, I'm not only shooting pucks… I can dribble, pass, sauce and practice one timers. Allstar tiles are amazingly slick and you just can't get any closer to real ice feeling. Overall, the products are a lot of fun and help preparing me for on-ice situations. ”

- Aleksander Barkov, Florida Panthers

"I’ve always been looking for different ways to get better offensively. HockeyShot training aids are doing just that by helping me work on my skills all year long in my garage and at the Habs Training Facility. I’ve definitely noticed a difference on the ice, I felt more confident and comfortable right away. ”

- Philip Danault, Montreal Canadiens

"HockeyShot products are amazing for a prospect like me trying to make my way to the NHL. The Allstar Tiles are super slick and very similar to ice and are great for stickhandling or shooting. The Passer Pro is ideal to practice one-timers and receiving passes like in-game situations. ”

- Thomas Chabot, Ottawa Senators, 2017 World Junior Championship MVP

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