G1 Extreme Slide Board Package 1.5 m by 2.4 m - Goaltender Model

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G1 Extreme Slide Board Package 1.5 m by 2.4 m - Goaltender Model
G1 Extreme Slide Board Package 1.5 m by 2.4 m - Goaltender Model G1 Extreme Slide Board Package 1.5 m by 2.4 m - Goaltender Model G1 Extreme Slide Board Package 1.5 m by 2.4 m - Goaltender Model G1 Extreme Slide Board Package 1.5 m by 2.4 m - Goaltender Model G1 Extreme Slide Board Package 1.5 m by 2.4 m - Goaltender Model

G1 Extreme Slide Board Package 1.5 m by 2.4 m - Goaltender Model


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Technique is everything for a goalie, and the G1 Extreme Slide Board for netminders is a surface to work on every move from side shuffles to butterflies. And its slick surface is great for practising puck-handling, shooting and poke checks, which will make you even more valuable to your team.

Product Features

  • It's 1.5 m x 2.4 m, big enough for pad-stacking and butterfly training, and small enough to fit in most rooms.
  • The ultimate trainer to work on your goaltender skills - it's perfect for side shuffles, butterfly technique, puck control and more.
  • Comes with leg pad sleeves, booties, push-off stoppers, rotating blocks & carrying bag.
  • There are slots on the top side to easily fasten the discs and bumpers, and an adhesive on the bottom to secure it to any flat surface.
  • Two rotating blocks swivel to allow unrestricted change of direction and side movement when contacted forcing the body to balance and stabilize.
  • Available in white color only.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.

Product Includes

  • 1 - 1.5 m by 2.4 m board
  • 1 pair of G1 Extreme Leg Pad Sleeves (Small, Medium or Large)
  • 2 rotating disc
  • 2 slide board end stops
  • 1 Medium pair of Footwear (shoe size 8 to 11)
  • 1 G1 Extreme carry bag

Footwear & Leg Pad Sleeves color varies. Footwear is available in Small (shoe size 40 and under), Medium (shoe size 41 to 44), and Large (shoe size 45 and larger). Leg Pad Sleeves are available in Small (79 cm & under), Medium (81 cm to 91 cm) and Large (94 cm & above) sizes.

Product Benefits
  • G1 Extreme athletic training system develops lateral speed, agility, coordination, balance, and explosive power.
  • Improve the appropriate firing patterns of the CORE muscles and train the simultaneous rotation/stabilization function required for athletes to use them in a synergistic, or all together manner, and avoid isolating one joint from another.

G1 Extreme Goaltender drills

Proper technique is crucial for proper use of the butterfly. Turn the G1 Extreme sideways, and the butterfly can be practiced on a shorter length. Goaltenders learn to recover properly, using the outside leg, in order to react to rebounds and re-directions. Consistent use of the butterfly on the G1 Extreme will result in better technique and quicker reaction time.

A full 2.4 m butterfly can be executed on this training system. Add power and stretch to your butterfly. Here you will concentrate on keeping your glove and blocker in the proper position, as well as keeping yourself "tall" while in the butterfly. Once you have mastered the butterfly technique using a full 2.4 m slide, you will greatly improve your speed on the ice when sliding from post to post.

Start square to the shooter on the top corner of the G1 Extreme. Pivot to your right or left and execute a full butterfly diagonally backward to the opposite side of the Extreme. This movement demonstrates a shot you would face from a pass across to the back door. When this situation arises in a game, a butterfly will allow for quicker recovery than a traditional two-pad stack. Take this opportunity to work on your weaker side, keeping proper technique.

Place three pucks on the edge of the Extreme. Position yourself at the bottom of the Extreme board, and begin in your stance. Execute the poke check one puck at a time, concentrating on your form and stick extension. The puck will slide just like it would on ice. Once puck is checked, recover to your butterfly, and then to your feet. Should you miss the check, cover the puck. Poke check with more confidence and power after perfecting the technique on the G1 Extreme.

Stick handle with two hands, and then with just one. Practice moving forward and backward with the puck, while keeping your head up. The puck will move just as it does on ice. This exercise will help you gain arm and hand strength, and will greatly improve your game. This is a skill that most goalies do not master. Learning to handle the puck will give you and your team an edge, by maintaining puck possesion.

Again, this is a crucial skill for goaltenders that is commonly overlooked. Working on passing with one hand, and then with both. Work on your positioning on the puck, and your follow-through after the shot. This drill will improve your wrist and arm strength. This is a skill that will be beneficial to you and your team. You can lead a break out by passing the puck. By improving your passing skills, you will keep the puck out of your defensive zone, and quicken the pace of the game.

Balance, speed, and strength are gained while performing the post-to-post technique. A series of distances are available, ranging from 91 cm to 2.4 m in length. This exercise can be done with or without goalie pads. Focus on keeping glove, blocker, and stick well positioned while in motion.

T-Push Challenge - Return To Post
Learn to challenge a shooter with authority. The T-push technique, combined with the control of stopping while squaring to the shooter is developed. Forward and backward mobility is learned, focusing on technique and movement. Concentrate on the positioning of your glove and blocker. This will directly result in proper positioning of your stick.
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Customer Reviews

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Matthew F
23 Oct 2018

Great product that my whole family can use. My 10 year old son loves using the goalie slide board as it keeps it fun, but builds core fundamental concepts he can use on the ice.

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Serge N
04 Sep 2018

J'adorr le produit, il m'a aidé à améliorer ma technique de gardien.

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17 Jul 2018

For the price it would be much nicer to have something that you could use skates on. It's pretty good, but you have to slide all of the way to the installed pegs to have anything to push off.

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21 Feb 2018

My son loves it. He wants to practice every night.

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30 May 2016

The board came with a small chip in it. I'll send another email separately, it doesn't affect the board now but my concern is it will eventually grow and lead to a crack in the board

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24 May 2016

12 Apr 2016

So far so good!

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08 Apr 2016

I'm a little upset that there was no clear instructions on how to maintain the slide board. A good idea would to include a instruction did and some pledge wipes to wipe on the surface.

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05 Oct 2011

Board is amazing, great for off ice training with me and my daughter. A little tough to transport.

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